Foundational leadership program for early-career women and emerging female leaders in STEM and Cyber Security


Foundational leadership program for early-career women and emerging female leaders in STEM and Cyber Security

Dr Susan McGinty is a global STEM leadership development expert, author and speaker

Susan is an award-winning scientist and highly regarded leader, leadership coach, and a global STEM leadership development expert, speaker and author, with 25 years’ experience in STEM, Defence and National Security, and STEM leadership development.

Susan is a co-author of the #1 international best-selling book ‘Women Transforming the Landscape of Science and Tech’. She speaks globally about the challenges for women navigating STEM leadership, tailored leadership development approaches for STEM women, and how organisations can increase the diversity of gender representation in their leadership. She has authored a number of leadership articles and undertaken research in female STEM leadership. The Australian Business Journal identified Susan as one of the 20 Australian leadership experts to watch in 2021.

Susan is a strong believer in the need for diversity in leadership to tackle the STEM and Security challenges the world is facing and is passionate about increasing gender diversity in leadership. Inspired by the challenges of her own leadership journey, she works to transform the profile of leadership in STEM- and security-related organisations and uplift women in these professions into leadership roles.

As a female leader in STEM and security herself, Susan understands the challenges women in STEM and security-related professions can experience on their leadership journey. As the Founder and Director of Aya Leadership, Susan works with women in these professions to master their leadership purpose, skills and experience through education, resources and coaching. She works with STEM and Security organisations to develop strategies and deliver training to ensure they have the diversity and expertise of leaders they need now and into the future. Her leadership development approach is research-based and delivers practical, actionable strategies that make a real difference.

Who is the Women in STEM & Cyber Emerging Leaders Program for?


The Women in STEM & Cyber Emerging Leaders Program supports early career women and emerging female leaders in STEM and Cyber Security to build a strong foundation for enduring leadership through developing their leadership motivations, mindset and skills, so they can effectively engage, influence and lead others.

Tailored leadership development is critical for women at all levels, and in male-dominated industries like STEM and cyber security is a key contributor to career satisfaction and retention. It is particularly important for emerging female leaders, as it supports women who are skilled and passionate in their field of expertise to understand their leadership purpose, apply their strengths as a leader and strengthen confidence in their leadership abilities.

It puts emerging leaders on the right path to building their leadership experience, and finding the right role models, mentors and networks to support them in becoming that leader.

After participating in the Australian Women in Security Network Emerging Leaders program I feel more confident in articulating and applying my strengths, values and purpose. I now have practical frameworks and tools to continue developing my leadership capabilities, including communication, resilience, and career planning and management. I would recommend this program to any aspiring leader in security, or anyone seeking a greater understanding of the leadership mindset.

Simone, Public Sector Cyber Security Professional

I recently participated in the first Australian Women in Security Network Emerging Leaders program. Not only did I meet and make new connections with a cohort of incredible women from diverse professional background, but I learned far more about myself than I expected from the incredibly impressive and highly personable Dr Susan McGinty. The course contained a wealth of practical information that identified things I wanted to understand about myself but didn’t know how to. Being exposed to frameworks that put shape and meaning to unconscious thought meant I could immediately apply the techniques presented to better understand myself and the people I engage with professionally and personally on a daily basis. The course was invaluable and something I will continue to revisit.

Leigh – Senior Cyber Security Professional (2022)

Female Leadership Program - Women Who Lead
Female Leadership Program - Women Who Lead

Course Principles

Over two half-day workshops, the in-person program explores the following themes through theory, practical strategies and tools, and coaching:


Leadership Communication

Impactful Influence

Leadership Mindset

    • Individual leadership motivations
    • Foundations of a strong leadership mindset
    • Building confidence

Maximising Performance

    • Maximising individual performance
    • Resilience
    • Mentoring and Networking

The Program is Strengthened Through:

Female Leadership Program - Learning Activities

Applied Learning 
Tools and strategies for application in the workplace to cement and apply learning.

Female Leadership Program - Networking Event

The program offers a tailored industry-relevant network that supports social learning.

Female Leadership Program - Peer Connection

Peer connection, coaching & mentoring
Receive ongoing peer support to develop confidence and accelerate practical application of the theories and learnings.
Female Leadership Program - One on One CoachingOne-on-one coaching
The program can be supplemented by an additional tailored coaching session to maximise learning outcomes and development (additional cost).
Female Leadership Program - One on One CoachingEmotional Intelligence
The program can be supplemented by a MSCEIT Emotional Intelligence assessment and debrief/coaching (additional cost) to expand learning and development.

Learning Outcomes

Through the Emerging Leaders Program, participants will develop a strong leadership foundation via:

Understanding effective and enduring leadership

Understanding of self; identification of leadership motivations and self as a leader; and strategies for growing a leadership mindset

Connecting to individual and organisational purpose

Growing leadership confidence

Strategies for effective communication and impactful influence in technical environments

Resilience strategies

Understanding the purpose and utility of mentoring and networking, and applying associated strategies

Strengthening individual performance effectiveness

Women in Stem

Program Benefits

Challenge the way participants view themselves, engage with the people they lead and the challenges they face
Equip participants with practical resources, strategies and tools for workplace application
Informed by neuroscience and leadership research best practice, our unique coaching methodology sets the scene for practical learning and deep self exploration
Our approach exponentially unlocks potential, builds confidence and develops leadership capability and influence
Small group setting enables participants to learn through the real-world experience of their peers and build a strong peer network
Qualified coaches and experienced educators with a passion for resilience and leadership


The emerging leaders program helped me to unpack what it means to be a female leader in an often male-dominated industry. Each session included practical and tangible discussion and exercises on growing leadership skills that are both effective in the workplace and authentic to who I am as a person. After completing it, I feel more confident in my leadership style, because it has emphasised how so many of the traits and skills I already hold can be used consciously to help me be a more successful leader. I would recommend this program to any woman who is unsure of taking on leadership roles or uncertain of how you become a leader (spoiler alert, you probably already are!).

Caroline Faulder


The program has given me a new perspective about being a leader that is fresh, sustainable and allows future growth. Having some management background, I thought I understood leadership, but this program has given me a better perspective about being one, starting from understanding my own core values. I am so glad to have joined the program and I look forward to applying the learning in my career and in my everyday dealings.

Meidi van der Lee – Security Analyst

Register for the In-Person Workshops in San Diego, 5-6 June 2023

San Diego Workshop Details

Workshops will be delivered at Mission Co-Work in Mission Valley San Diego, 5-6 June 2023. Join us for the complete 2 x half-day program or just one workshop.


Women in Cyber Emerging Leaders Part 1Developing Self as a Leader, Monday 5 June 2023, 9am-1pm

Leadership Mindset


Leading with Confidence

Maximizing Performance

Workshop Fee: $250 (USD)


Women in Cyber Emerging Leaders Part 2Developing Leadership Impact, Tuesday 6 June, 9am-1pm

Leadership Communication

Influencing with Impact

Mentoring and Networking

Workshop Fee: $250 (USD)


An invoice will be sent upon registration. Payment should be received 2 weeks prior to the start of the workshop or no later than the invoice payment date (whichever comes first). Payment may be made by bank transfer or credit card. Further program details will be provided upon registration and payment.

In the event you cancel your participation in the registered program, or are unable to attend, you may request to transfer your program purchase to a substitute attendee.


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