All leaders experience ups and downs in their leadership practice: living their values, inspiring their teams, making the right decisions, modelling their best actions and reaching their goals.

How are you travelling at the moment?

Use this leadership check-in to take a step back and assess your values, behaviours and challenges as a leader. Review and compare regularly to see if and how these things change over time.

1. Who are you as a leader? How do you want to be seen as a leader?

2. What are the specific values and behaviours that reflect this?

3. Consider your actions over the last few weeks or months… Where did you model these values and behaviours to your team and others? Where might you have not quite achieved this?

4. What would you like to do better, or just differently?

5. Where are you having great success?

6. How can you capitalise on that success?

7. What is your biggest challenge currently?

8. What is the origin of that challenge and how is it impacting you and your team?

9. How are you currently approaching the challenge and associated impacts?

10. What’s one thing that you could do differently today to change the course of that challenge?