A program for those in service, vicarious trauma and care industries to thrive through resilience 


A program for those in service, vicarious trauma and care industries to thrive through resilience

Is the Success Through Resilience Program right for you?

Emotional resilience is a fundamental enabler for success. Success Through Resilience is a solutions-focused program that builds the resilience of individuals and teams vulnerable to vicarious trauma, and those working in people care and service delivery environments. It provides practical strategies and tools that can be applied to daily life, and the coaching-based approach empowers individuals to apply learnings to individual growth needs, leading to more productive and successful individual and organisational outputs.

Course Principles

Over 2 workshops the program focuses on:

• Physiology of Emotions

• Emotional Regulation

• Building Emotional

• Goal Setting and Future Proofing


Learning Outcomes

Through the Success Through Resilience Program, participants will learn:

Understanding the representational systems of self and others, and it’s role in emotions

Re-framing strategies; and identifying and challenging limiting beliefs of self

Understanding the physiology of emotions & individual emotional triggers in the workplace

Strategies to manage emotional responses & change emotional response patterns

Rapport and rapport-building strategies

The importance of mind-body-emotion balance and strategies for developing balance & self-care

Goal-setting: how to set goals around emotional resilience and managing vicarious trauma

I would recommend this program to others who work in a vicarious trauma environment, it’s important to look after yourself in order to look after others.

There are some very valuable lessons in this workshop. It would be great for people new to the industry, but also good for people who have been in the industry as a refresher and to learn some new tools.

Program Benefits

Improved awareness & understanding of impact of caring for others on own emotions
Improved ability to build rapport with colleagues, managers & stakeholders, and support co-workers
Increased ability to effectively manage own emotions and become more emotionally resilient
Decreased stress & increased ability of individuals to feel more effective contributors; reduced absenteeism
Increased physical and mental resilience, and improved ability to manage challenges
Improved organisational outcomes, and a stronger organisational culture that prioritises resilience

COMPLIMENTARY eGUIDE: “ADVERSITY to ADVANTAGE: 8 Leadership Resilience Strategies 

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