The Role of Your Strengths Profile

Strengths Profile is a world-leading research-based strengths assessment and development tool designed by Professor Alex Linley at Cappfinity. Unique and distinct from traditional one-dimensional strengths tests, it measures 60 strengths across the three dimensions of energy, performance and use.
“When managers are enabled to have strengths conversations with their team members they can increase performance by 36%.”


Everyone has strengths and the potential to develop them. Research shows that knowing and growing our strengths helps us feel energised and engaged.

Strengthen individuals, managers and teamwork

The Strengths Profile model unlocks elevated and enduring growth and performance through informing development strategies that align with individual preferences.


The tool provides a dynamic platform for development through identifying:


  • Realised Strengths: the things people perform well, use often and find energising
  • Learned Behaviours: those things people have learned to do well, but are not energised by
  • Weaknesses: the things people find draining and do not perform well
  • Unrealised Strengths: those things people perform well and find energising, but don’t use often
Strengths Profile

If you are looking to deepen your individual or organisational leadership impact, Strengths Profile offers a unique and highly effective way to amplify your leadership outputs. Through applying the model, Aya Leadership will enable you to unlock your leadership potential and adopt a strengths-based approach to re‑energise, motivate, collaborate, and elevate your performance.

Contact Aya Leadership to arrange a Strengths Profile assessment and coaching.

Becoming a Strengths-based organisation

Strengths Profile

Strengths Profile is a highly valuable tool for application within and across teams to unlock team and organisational performance. In becoming a strengths-based organisation, you will benefit from positive, authentic, strengths-based conversations to improve leadership and business practice and performance. Aya Leadership can assist you to achieve this through delivery of assessments, workshops and coaching for individuals and teams.

Contact Aya Leadership to discuss how we can help your organisation benefit from using Strengths Profile assessments and coaching.

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