Creating the leadership skills for a resilient and adaptive workforce


Creating the leadership skills for a resilient and adaptive workforce

Is The Resilient Leader Program right for you?

The Resilient Leader Program is a solutions-focused program for emerging and established leaders and managers that cultivates enduring resilience and effectiveness in individuals, teams and organisations. It builds knowledge and provides practical strategies and tools, to support growth, adaptability and effective goal setting.

The Resilient Leader Course Principles

Over 2 workshops* the program focuses on:
 A systems framework model for building resilience
 Emotion neuroscience and emotional resilience
 Resilient communication
 Resilient decision making
 Leading resilient teams
 Coaching strategies
 Goal setting for success

*The digital program can be delivered over 2 full-day or 3 half-day workshops

Learning Outcomes

Through The Resilient Leader Program, participants will learn to:

Apply a systems framework to resilience at an individual, team and organisation level

Deal with adversity in a positive way through growth and adaptation

Build resilience, regulate wellbeing and prevent burnout in self and others

Lead with emotional intelligence

Improve decision-making, negotiation and people management skills

Build rapport with others and support co-workers

Strengthen leadership & management capacity

Strengthen team effectiveness, adaptability & resilience

Apply coaching strategies to communicate effectively & navigate difficult conversations

The Resilient Leader Program could not have come at a better time! It has given me a much greater understanding of what motivates my team members as well as so many great tools to be able to better communicate with them to build relationships, performance and outcomes.

I found the two days to be surprisingly interactive and engaging for an online course and really enjoyed the mix of different delivery formats – presentations, chats, break-out rooms and even some mindfulness sessions. I will be using the skills I have learnt from day 1 and am inspired by the visions of what the future will look like once I have achieved the goals that we worked towards in these sessions.

Program Benefits


Challenge the way participants engage with the challenges they face and the people they lead


Equip participants with practical resources, strategies and tools for workplace application
informed by neuroscience and leadership research best practice

Unique coaching methodology provides individual learning and develops leadership capability


Group setting enables participants to learn through the real-world experience of their peers and build a peer network
Qualified coaches and experienced educators with a passion for resilience and leadership

The workshop has given me a lot of valuable resources to more effectively manage emotions in myself and with my family, as well as to support my team and clients.

Thank you for helping me feel empowered, even though I’m not in a ‘leadership’ role as such!

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2024 program dates for The Resilient Leader will be announced soon. To register your interest and join the Waitlist, or schedule an in-house program, please complete the form and we will be in touch.

COMPLIMENTARY eGUIDE: “ADVERSITY to ADVANTAGE: 8 Leadership Resilience Strategies 

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