Motivation is one of the key factors when it comes to having a productive team that are committed and prepared to stick around for the long haul. Here are 5 sure-fire ways to motivate your team and increase their wellbeing and productivity.



Collaboration brings people together (whether physically or virtually), creates positive energy and creativity, allows sharing of knowledge and complex problem solving and can also be a lot fun.

Give your team a new problem to solve (or revisit an existing one through a different lens). Empower them by giving them just one piece of guidance – they must collaborate – and then allow them to decide the rules of collaboration and pathway to resolution. Stand back and watch their motivation rise.


Set Some Big Goals

You have a set of priorities, customer requirements and workplans for your team. Revisit your prioritisation and planning with the team and let them choose a BIG goal, one that will have impact for the business. Give them ownership of the outcome and allow them to devise their own accountability mechanisms to generate enthusiasm and commitment.


Celebrate Success Together

Celebrating success together is a great way for teams to build positive energy, connection and common purpose. Commence team meetings by celebrating the team’s latest successes, however small. Ask each person “what’s one great thing that happened this week?” Follow on by asking each team member to share one piece of positive feedback relating to a colleague – this will also contribute to a positive feedback culture in the team.


Encourage Learning

Learning creates new neural pathways, enhances cognition and builds capability. It also builds confidence and motivates people. Whether formal training, learning from a colleague on the job, reading or investigating a new piece of software, process or gizmo, encourage your team to expand their learning in an area that relates to or will supplement their role. Allow them to factor some learning time into weekly or monthly work schedules.


Have Fun Together

Fun creates motivation. Encourage the team to do one FUN thing together each week (virtual or in person), whether it is a group coffee date, morning tea, a walk outside, a game, or Friday afternoon drinks – whatever suits your team.