A solutions-focused approach supporting leaders in STEM & Security to build resilient, adaptive teams


A solutions-focused approach supporting leaders in STEM & Security to build resilient, adaptive teams

Is the Leadership Resilience Amplifier Masterclass right for you?


The Leadership Resilience Amplifier 1-day Masterclass is for managers and leaders in STEM & Security who want to build adaptive teams that thrive in response to challenge, change and disruption.

Resilience is Fundamental to Effective Leadership. The Leadership Resilience Amplifier teaches emerging and established leaders in STEM & Security how to develop resilience and adaptability in themselves and their teams from a systems framework perspective, across the four key resilience components of recognise, respond, recover, and adapt.

The Masterclass cultivates resilience enablers that are the foundation of resilient leadership – individual wellbeing, adaptability, growth mindset, understanding emotional intelligence – and strategies to build resilience in teams.

The Msaterclass builds knowledge and provides practical frameworks, strategies, and tools to support growth and adaptability and create a resilient workforce.

Masterclass Principles

The 1-day Leadership Resilience Amplifier Masterclass focuses on:
Understanding the principles of resilience and leading resilient teams
Resilience enablers for self, others, and teams
A systems framework model for building resilience in self and teams
Understanding the role of emotional intelligence and communication in resilience
Goal setting for success

Learning Outcomes

Through the Leadership Resilience Amplifier, participants will learn to:

Build resilience, regulate wellbeing and prevent burnout in self and others

Apply a systems framework to resilience at an individual and team level

Deal with adversity in a positive way through growth and adaptation

Strengthen leadership & management capacity

Strengthen team effectiveness, adaptability & resilience

Effectively set goals and translate their learning into actionable activities, goals, and outcomes

RESILIENCE is more than just recovering from adversity. Resilience is the capacity to deal with adversity in a positive way, to grow and adapt through the disruption, turning challenges into opportunities. A person, team or system with good resilience has the ability to recover more quickly and with less stress than those with less developed resilience. Resilient people (and teams) have the ability to grow from the adversity because of their resilient habits, which act as resilience enablers. (McGinty 2021)

People and organizations with resilience can adapt more quickly to, recover from, and grow as a result of the change and disruptions they encounter.

Masterclass Benefits


Challenge the way participants engage with the challenges they face and the people they lead


Equip participants with practical resources, strategies and tools for workplace application
informed by neuroscience and leadership research best practice

Unique coaching methodology provides individual learning and develops leadership capability


Group setting enables participants to learn through the real-world experience of their peers and build a peer network
Qualified coaches and experienced educators with a passion for resilience and leadership

Register your organisation’s interest in the Leadership Resilience Amplifier Masterclass

The Leadership Resilience Amplifier can be delivered in-house to organisations, either virtually or in-person. To register your organisation’s interest in this Masterclass, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.


COMPLIMENTARY eGUIDE: “ADVERSITY to ADVANTAGE: 8 Leadership Resilience Strategies 

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