A leadership program for early-mid career female leaders in STEM and Security professions that fast-tracks enduring and impactful leadership growth


A leadership program for early-mid career female leaders in STEM and Security professions that fast-tracks enduring and impactful leadership growth

Who is the Leadership Accelerator for?

The Leadership Accelerator has been developed to specifically address and negate the barriers to leadership that are known to exist for women in STEM and Security professions. It has been tailored for early-mid career female leaders to allow them to develop confidence and reach their potential as experts and leaders. The program unlocks accelerated growth in leading self and others through leveraging important protective factors, including:


Developing as a leader

Understanding self

Having visibility and voice

Confidence and influence


Building resource networks and mentoring


This specialist program focuses on the nuances of leadership for women working in STEM and Security industries specifically.​


I first met Susan McGinty when she ran an AYA Women in Leadership in STEM four-month long course for the women of the Cyber Security and Resilience branch of my agency. I immediately understood why Susan chose this as her profession, she was a fantastic teacher and mentor who was able to show me how my mind, strengths and abilities work and how to adapt them to situations and learn from those situations every time. I was able to see an immediate positive change in myself and my colleagues in relation to emotional intelligence, understanding strengths and weaknesses, coaching and mentoring, networking, and leadership qualities.

The AYA Women in Leadership program really challenged me to understand myself, my strengths and weaknesses and use both to my advantage to enhance my ability to learn and understand what it takes to be a leader. This program really taught me how to process and deal with my feelings personally and professionally and use those feelings to my advantage to adjust to the situation I’m in.

This program has really impacted my skills and abilities in the long run for the better. I am able to approach professional situations differently, learn from my mistakes and grow from my strengths. Through the confidence and knowledge I gained in this position I was able to receive a promotion within my agency into a leadership role with direct reports. I suggest anyone to undertake this program as it really was life altering!


Female Leadership Program - Women Who Lead
Female Leadership Program - Women Who Lead

Course Principles

Over 4 workshops*, the 4-month program explores the following themes:

Leading Self
• Leadership strengths, mindset and presence
• Emotional intelligence and resilience
• Individual performance, networks and career development
• Goal setting for success

Leading Others
• Impactful communication, feedback and difficult conversations
• Leadership influence
• Coaching strategies
• Team performance and resilience

Leadership Assessments
• Emotional Intelligence assessment + coaching
• Strengths Profile assessment + coaching


*The program can be delivered digitally  (via 4 full-day workshops or 8 half-day workshops) or face-to-face (via 4 full-day workshops).
The Emotional Intelligence and Strengths Profile assessment and coaching are administered separately.

The Program is Strengthened Through:

Female Leadership Program - One on One CoachingOne-on-one coaching
1 tailored session to support individual development and learning opportunities.

Female Leadership Program - Learning Activities

Learning activities 
Weekly tasks to cement and apply learning.

Female Leadership Program - Peer Connection

Peer connection, coaching & mentoring
Receive ongoing support to develop confidence and accelerate practical application of the theories and learning.

Learning Outcomes

Through the Leadership Accelerator Program, participants will learn to:

Develop a strong leadership mindset, leadership purpose and individual performance effectiveness

Understand and effectively apply their strengths

Develop their emotional intelligence and lead with emotional resilience

Communicate and influence with confidence and impact

Apply coaching strategies to navigate difficult conversations

Strengthen team resilience and performance

Build resource networks and peer mentoring relationships

Female Leadership Program - Women Who Lead

I’ve reflected on my leadership style, learnt more about current leadership thinking. I’ve had space in which to reflect rather than react and this has already helped me improve things in the workplace – either through improved self-confidence, better active listening skills or understanding what type of leader I need to be.

Public Sector

From day 1 I was reminded of my values, defined my purpose and felt I was already more confident about my leadership. I learnt the value of re-framing, considered limiting beliefs and the value of coaching. I also enjoyed learning about my resilience, reflecting on my triggers and how to manage these. I’ve always been able to reflect on where I need to grow – but now I have a structured approach to this and a whole toolbox of frameworks and information. Not to mention a fabulous network!

Public Sector

I participated in the Leadership Accelerator Program run by Susan at Aya Leadership in 2023. The program came at a perfect time in my career. I was in the process of transitioning into a management role and the guidance Susan provided greatly assisted with my leadership development, setting me up for success in my new role and building relationships with my team. It built my confidence and self-belief that I could be a good leader, and helped me to reflect about the leadership experiences I have had in the past that have shaped how I think about leadership and challenged me to think about where my leadership journey would take me in the future.

Throughout the program Susan ensured the content was relevant to all participants, no matter their prior experience and leveraged the different experiences in the group to make the content engaging. The skills I learnt from Susan and from being part of a great group of women on their own leadership journeys will be applicable across different contexts as I continue to grow as a leader in the future.

Georgia, STEM Program Management

Program Benefits

Challenge the way participants view themselves, engage with the people they lead and the challenges they face
Equip participants with practical resources, strategies and tools for workplace application
Informed by neuroscience and leadership research best practice, our unique coaching methodology sets the scene for practical learning and deep self exploration
Our approach exponentially unlocks potential, builds confidence and develops leadership capability and influence
Small group setting enables participants to learn through the real-world experience of their peers and build a strong peer network
Qualified coaches and experienced educators with a passion for resilience and leadership


Leadership Accelerator Program Registration

Leadership Accelerator Program Details

** PROGRAM 2: August-December 2024

Strengths Profile Assessment + debrief: August
Workshop 1: 23 August (9.00am-4.30pm, AEST)
Emotional Intelligence Assessment + debrief: September
Workshop 2: 4 October (9.00am-4.30pm, AEST)
Workshop 3: 8 November (9.00am-4.30pm, ADST)
Workshop 4: 11 December (9am-4.30pm, ADST)
Individual coaching session: scheduled during December
Delivery Mode: The program is delivered online.
Investment: $4990 + GST
An invoice will be sent upon registration. Payment should be received 4 weeks prior to the start of the workshop or no later than the invoice payment date (whichever comes first). Payment may be made by bank transfer or credit card.


In the event you cancel your participation in the registered program, or are unable to attend, you may request to transfer your program purchase to a substitute attendee, or a subsequent program.

Register Your Organisation’s Interest or Join Our Waitlist

To register your organisation’s interest, or join the waitlist for the 2024 Leadership Accelerator Program, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

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