Research* indicates that the presence of women in leadership positions as role models, and the opportunity to network with female leaders, shapes a woman’s view of leadership in the workplace. It also builds confidence and helps motivate women to advance in their careers. The lessons imparted by female role models can be invaluable in building leadership capability.

How connected are you to senior female leaders? Do you have a professional network you can tap into?

If you are grimacing now, I know how you feel. I used to hate networking. As an introvert I usually avoided approaching and starting conversations with people I didn’t know. But I’ve experienced the positive impact and opportunities of connecting with more senior female leaders. I know how vital it is to my own success.

Here’s 3 easy ways to increase your connection with female leaders over the next 6 months.

1. Join a training program

Participating in a training program outside your organisation is a great way to connect with other women you wouldn’t otherwise cross paths with. Get to know the participants. Who in that environment do you resonate with, could you learn from or could you help? Take the opportunity to build relationships and make them a part of your network.

2. Ask a senior female leader to mentor you

Senior women love helping other women succeed, and there is nothing more flattering than receiving a request to be a mentor. Who do you see above you that you would like to learn from? Or who can you ask to help you find a suitable mentor? Clarify what you are seeking from a mentoring relationship and make sure you commit to it 100%.

3. Attend networking events

Many large organisations offer networking events, but there are many other opportunities offered by specific industries or in the broader business or social community. Set yourself a goal to attend at least two networking events over the next 6 months – in person or virtually. Build your confidence by starting conversations with interesting people and see where it leads you!

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A core experiential module of the WOMEN WHO LEAD Mastermind focuses on networking, and the supportive environment of the Mastermind develops a strong peer network within the cohort.

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* 2015 KPMG Women’s Leadership Study: Moving Women Forward into Leadership Roles