Transformational female leadership program focused on creating courageous, enduring, resourceful female leaders


Transformational female leadership program focused on creating courageous, enduring, resourceful female leaders

Is the Women Who Lead Female Leadership Program right for you?

Women Who Lead is a high-impact female leadership program for early-mid career leaders. Particularly those who want to develop courageous, enduring and resourceful leadership that has impact and generates growth for themselves and their organisations. Underpinned by coaching methodologies, the intensive program cultivates inspiring leaders. Those who can unite people and successfully navigate the challenges of an increasingly complex global environment.

In additional to the core Women Who Lead program, the content has also been adapted to a STEM specific program focusing on female leadership in STEM-based industries.

I’ve reflected on my leadership style, learnt more about current leadership thinking. I’ve had space in which to reflect rather than react and this has already helped me improve things in the workplace – either through improved self-confidence, better active listening skills or understanding what type of leader I need to be.

Public Sector

From day 1 I was reminded of my values, defined my purpose and felt I was already more confident about my leadership. I learnt the value of re-framing, considered limiting beliefs and the value of coaching. I also enjoyed learning about my resilience, reflecting on my triggers and how to manage these. I’ve always been able to reflect on where I need to grow – but now I have a structured approach to this and a whole toolbox of frameworks and information. Not to mention a fabulous network!

Public Sector

Female Leadership Program - Women Who Lead
Female Leadership Program - Women Who Lead

Course Principles for Female Leadership Development

Over 8 workshops*, the 6-month program explores the following themes:

• Leadership mindset
• Emotional resilience
• Communication and influence
• Coaching strategies
• Leading high-performing teams
• Goal setting for success
• Resource networks
• Leading through transformation
• Emotional Intelligence assessment and coaching
• Strengths Profile assessment and coaching 

*The program can be delivered digitally (via 8 workshops) or face-to-face (via 7 workshops)

The Program is Strengthened Through:

Female Leadership Program - One on One CoachingOne-on-one coaching
2 tailored sessions to support individual development and learning opportunities.

Female Leadership Program - Learning Activities

Learning activities 
Weekly tasks to cement and apply learning.

Female Leadership Program - Networking Event

Networking event
An experiential event to allow participants to refine their networking skills.

Female Leadership Program - Guest Speakers

Guest speakers
Industry experts provide broad insight and opportunities to build on key program content.

Female Leadership Program - Peer Connection

Peer connection, coaching & mentoring
Receive ongoing support to develop confidence and accelerate practical application of the theories and learnings.

Learning Outcomes

Through the Women Who Lead Program, participants will learn to:

 Develop a strong leadership mindset and identify their leadership purpose

 Develop their emotional intelligence and lead with emotional resilience

 Influence with confidence

 Build high-performing teams

 Apply coaching strategies to communicate effectively

 Navigate difficult conversations

 Cultivate a positive feedback ethos

Female Leadership Program - Women Who Lead

Program Benefits

Challenge the way participants view themselves, engage with the people they lead and the challenges they face
Equip participants with practical resources, strategies and tools for workplace application
Informed by neuroscience and leadership research best practice, our unique coaching methodology sets the scene for practical learning and deep self exploration
Our approach exponentially unlocks potential, builds confidence and develops leadership capability and influence
Small group setting enables participants to learn through the real-world experience of their peers and build a strong peer network
Qualified coaches and experienced educators with a passion for resilience and leadership

Specialist STEM Women Who Lead Mastermind

Women in STEM experience increased barriers to retention, leadership development and success. This is typically due to a complex and systemic web of cultural and procedural factors, underpinned by STEM disciplines being primarily male-dominated. These barriers impact women’s participation, resilience, and self-belief in leadership skills, which perpetuate as barriers themselves.

Aya Leadership’s Women Who Lead STEM Mastermind has been developed to specifically address and negate these barriers. It has been tailored for emerging and established STEM women to allow them to develop confidence and reach their potential as experts and leaders. The program nurtures important protective factors for STEM women, including:

  • Developing as a leader
  • Understanding self
  • Having visibility and voice
  • Resilience
  • Navigating unconscious bias
  • Building resource networks and mentoring

This specialist STEM focused program contains the same content, learning objectives and learning outcomes as the Women Who Lead Mastermind. However it is delivered through a STEM lens, with a focus on the differences and nuances of leadership in a STEM context.​

Female Leadership Program - Women Who Lead

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Program dates for the 2022 Women Who Lead schedule will be announced soon. To join the waitlist for our 2022 program please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

As a very experienced leader at a crossroads in my career, I was exploring transition in my professional life.

The Aya Leadership Women Who Lead Mastermind provided me the space to reflect, learn and discover the next steps in my professional journey. It provided the tools and frameworks to refine my personal leadership purpose. I was immersed into a journey of self-discovery and generative action planning for how to lead and live a more purpose centred life. I left the course with a stronger sense of determination and a way forward to achieve traction on new ideas.

Susan’s ability to quickly and authentically establish a relationship with every person in the room allows her to build trust and confidence with her participants and clients. Her application of theory to challenging practical situations, her wealth of experience and knowledge and her ability to access a network of leaders makes Aya Leadership stand out as a preferred women in leadership organisation.

Natalie D
Associate Principal



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